Catch that Cheating Spouse

Catch that Cheating Spouse

Do you have a nagging suspicion about your spouse or significant other? Do you feel like your spouse may be cheating on you? Whether you live in Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Texas or in any other city in the country, the clues that cheating spouses leave are often overlooked. If you decide not to hire a professional private investigator and want to gather some evidence concerning your cheating spouse first, here’s how to catch a cheater. * Compliments of TLW Guardian Investigations, your cheating spouse Private Investigator professionals.

If you suspect that your husband or wife is going somewhere when they tell you they are going to be home, put a penny on the back tire of their car. If it’s still there when you come back, they stayed home and didn’t go to 6th street or to the Riverwalk after all. (or at least their car didn’t go!) Another old private investigator’s trick is to place an old watch, one with hands, under the tire. When the cheating spouse leaves they will run over the watch, breaking it, and the watch will tell you what time they left.Private investigator expert advice for catching cheating spouses

Better yet – if you have ownership of the vehicle they are driving you can use a real-time GPS tracking device to tell you where a cheating spouse went. They are very accurate, with a margin of error that is small enough to at least establish the street where he/she is parked, if not the exact address. Don’t have a GPS? A poor man’s trick that some people use is a pre-paid disposable phone with GPS capabilities – some of our clients have tried this but overall this method seemed to be rather unreliable. The State of Texas requires us to get a consent from one of the owners of the vehicle to do this.Private Investigators in Austin and San Antonio putting the pieces together



TLW Guardian Investigations’  private investigators use only the best real-time GPS tracking devices to catch cheating spouses, but you can be your own private investigator and do it yourself if you have ownership in the car. Private investigators use GPS trackers on a regular basis these days and use the information from the device to zero in more efficiently on surveillance.

If you have access to the phone bill, you can do a reverse lookup on the phone number. Our Private Investigators have professional grade databases that are not available to the general public, but you can still  be your own private investigator get some accurate information back. Try Google’s reverse cell lookup or call TLW Guardian Investigations in Austin or San Antonio and talk to one of our private investigators at 512-653-1021 for a cell phone number lookup. The fees for a look-up are quite inexpensive.

There is a free service called Slydial.

Call 267-SLYDIAL from any cell phone. This service will patch you directly into someone’s voice mail, hopefully telling you who belongs to that number and perhaps telling you who your cheating spouse is seeing. Their phone will never ring and there will be no trace of your call on caller ID. This is a favorite tool for a private investigator to use.

If you suspect your cheating spouse is having someone come to the house when you’re gone, you can set a camera. If you live in Austin, go to Spy Exchange located in the North Austin area. Remember, not to set a camera in a bathroom or bedroom because of privacy laws nor can the camera captures audio. You can place a motion activated camera in your yard to capture who comes and goes, or a small covert camera in your living area, kitchen area or other common areas. In rural areas outside of Austin, a hunter’s camera works well. They are motion activated and can take 1000’s of inferred photos.

Check your trash. You would be amazed at what people throw away- receipts for romantic lunches, dinners and hotel rooms at the Driskill, jewelry receipts, etc. Check the trash in every room in the house, and if you have ownership of the car he/she drives, check there, too. Check the glove box, trunk and under the seats. While you’re there, check for a second cell phone. Many Cheating spouses have a second cell phone that they keep hidden somewhere in the car.


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  1. Hi Carreina, I must tell you that Binary as well as yourself have committed a felony – interception of an electronic communication by a 3rd party. There is no exception under the law that this is your spouse. Moreover, you cannot use any of the information in court nor act on any of the information you received to your benefit nor share this informaion with anybody. That would also be a seperate offense. Additionally, you would be libel for civil pentalities. Additionally, if you hired Binary and he is NOT a licensed private investigator then that’s another offense committed by both of you. Before you go any further with this, I STRONGLY recommend that you consult an attorney – the sooner the better. Always make sure you hire a LICENSED private investigator. You can check and see if the investigator is licenced by going to the Texas Department of Public Safety . Here is the law concerning the interception of communications by a 3rd party.

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