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Licensed Private Investigator

Licensed Private Investigator

TLW Guardian Investigations,  is an Austin and San Antonio private investigation agency that specializes in child custody, cheating spouses, and divorce investigations. Family law and complex domestic relations issues are our specialties. No case is too difficult for us to handle. Our professional investigators are specially trained and educated to deal with conflicted family law cases.

Hiring TLW Guardian Investigations  is a big decision and is something not to be taken lightly; we understand that you are in a difficult situation and are looking for solutions to difficult problems. Allow TLW Guardian Investigations to become your friend and ally in your search for the truth.

Family law cases may be the most devastating experience you have ever encountered in your life. It is emotionally draining and can be extremely costly. It is not uncommon for an innocent spouse to mortgage their home to help finance their case to keep their children safe from an impaired parent.

TLW Guardian Investigations understands your plight and empathizes with your situation. It is our goal to get you the best possible result in a legal and professional manner that you can later use in court, during mediation, or for your own peace of mind.

TLW Guardian Investigations is Here to Help You 

If you have suspicions then 90 percent of the time you’re right. Knowing for sure is priceless, allowing you to make the right decision based on facts and not assumptions. If you are part of the 10 percent where this is not the case, it allows you to have peace of mind. – which is priceless

Arguing couple who needs a private investigator

Angry couple duking it out.

Our private investigators are specialists in child custody, cheating spouses, and divorce, and  we handle all of our cases in a discrete and confidential manner.

According to the State of Texas Private Security Bureau rules, we are forbidden to tell anyone of our investigation or who we work for. It is a secret between you and us unless you decide to tell someone else – but we won’t tell.

When we work an investigation, we do so in a manner in which the subject will never know he or she was under surveillance – like we were ghosts. After each surveillance we will inform you either orally or by email (or whatever method you desire) of our results, keeping you always in the loop of information.

If a divorce is sought later,  having your spouse on video in a compromising position can lead to a speedy settlement and in some cases it can anger a judge to the point where you receive a generous outcome. At the very least, your ex-spouse is likely to be a little less litigious since nobody wants to air their dirty laundry in public.

A Private Investigator in Austin and San Antonio that Delivers

Austin Private Investigator

TLW Guardian Investigations watching over Austin and San Antonio

TLW Guardian Investigations’s job is to provide the kind of service to you that you ask for. All you might need is a picture of your cheating girlfriend or cheating spouse husband who is staying just a little too late at work. For many people, they just want to know for sure and use the information for closure or to make different decisions.Other times, your situation may become more complex if we find information that could lead to divorce or other child custody action.

If you are in litigation, providing evidence so it is admissible in court and has the highest degree of impact possible may be your main priority. Every situation is different and takes its own course with the personalities involved. This is especially true when other agencies are involved, such as Child Protective Services (CPS), or when a Guardian ad Litem is appointed through the Travis County Domestic Relations Office.

Truly, a family law detective specializing in child custody, cheating spouses, and divorce  investigations who knows how the court system works in Austin and San Antonio is needed to put all the complex issues together and arrange them in a way that makes sense in court and to you and/or your attorney.

TLW Guardian Investigations is Unique

Austin Private Investigator

Private detective

In Texas there is essentially no educational requirement  to be a licensed PI (Update: Recently, the State of Texas Private Security Bureau has allowed individuals to be licensed if they graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice without any actual experience). A 2 hour test and three years of Investigative experience with basically no criminal history would qualify a person as a Licensed Private Investigator in Texas. Many private detectives gain their experience as a police officer, or through the military, or perhaps, if they were an insurance investigator.

Other potential  private investigators gain their 3 years of experience by working under another licensed private eye until that person gets his license to practice and he hires others to work under his private investigator’s license, and so on.

Austin Private Investigator at work

Austin Travis County Courthouse – Family law court is held on the 1st through 5th floors

When it comes to family law, you want a professional investigator who knows how to handle family law cases. For instance, a child abuse case can take years to go through the court system unless you have decisive evidence to persuade the court of guilt or innocents.

It’s important that you have someone on your side in addition to an attorney who can also evaluate how a  piece of evidence will play out in court or how it might affect other decision-makers. For example, an experienced investigator should know how evidence will affect an agency like CPS or how it might impact a recommendation by a Guardian ad Litem, psychologist, or other court official – I’m often asked by attorneys for consultation on these very insights,

A Private Investigator with Experience You Can Trust

Bexar County Courthouse

Bexar County Courthouse

As the owner of TLW Guardian Investigations, through years of education and experience, I have had the unique opportunity to gain an expertise in family law from the inside out, not the outside in, along with a great deal of experience in forensic mental health in the Texas Criminal Justice System.

I encourage you to  see my credentials and how my Guardian ad Litem experience got me to where I’m at today – a highly experienced and trained family law investigator.

.Additionally, I have hired a dedicated staff of private investigators who have been trained personally by me to have the same core values and expertise when dealing with conflicted domestic issues.

Not your Typical Stereotyped Private Investigator

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised that we are not the stereotyped private investigators you may have seen on television. Our team is a caring and sophisticated group of professionals who are here to help you no matter how difficult the situation. Family law is something we do and something we do well – Find out why by looking at my credentials.

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Austin Private Investigator protects children Or feel free to call Tom Ware M.Ed., Austin / San Antonio Private Investigator at 512-653-1021 or 210-202-2327, owner of TLW Guardian Investigations. We provide services in Austin, San Antonio, and Central Texas and are experts in child custody, cheating spouses, and divorce. We will do our best to protect your children and help you win your divorce or child custody battle.

Tom L. Ware, M.Ed.,, P.I. Lic. #A14972