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Areas of expertise

Divorce investigations

Divorce Investigations

Private investigator services for highly contested divorces.

Child Custody Investigations

We can help you win your Child Custody Battle…

Cheating Spouses Investigations

We discover Cheating Spouses or put your mind at ease…

Parental Alienation Investigator

Parental alienation can destroy your relationship with your child…

Investigation of court order violations

Compliance with Court Orders Investigations

Ensure that the other party is following court orders by not drinking or having overnight guests…etc…

Background checks by a private investigator

Background Checks investigations

Know who you are dealing with. We use the best database in the business…

TLW Guardian Investigations can help you win your case.

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TLW Guardian Investigation Statistics

Number of Years as a Family Law Court Officer Representing Children During Highly Conflicted Divorces

Number of Years Experience in Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

Estimated Number of Times Testified in a Family Law Bench or Jury Trial

Estimated Number of Custody and Adoption Studies Performed for the Court

* TLW Guardian Investigations Founded 2007

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I am very honored and blessed to have met you.You are very fair and you know your business.Without you I would not have had a chance in court to win my case.I would very, very highly recommend your services.
From: Dale, Tx
Email: Curryfranks@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 512-560-eight-nine-six-seven

Curry Franks


I HIGHLY recommend Tom Ware for either guardian ad litem or private investigation services. We have been involved in a very hostile child custody case for almost three years, and of all of the people I’ve consulted with in the legal arena, Tom is by far the most knowledgeable and has been the most helpful to us.



All I can say about TLW Guardian Investigations is that these people are awesome. I have been going thru a 3-year long custody battle for my daughter. I am a Private Investigator working for a different company in the DFW area and needed a good team in Austin. Being an investigator myself I say these people are very good at their jobs.

Connor McBain

many of our cases settle out of court in your favor;

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