Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of parental rights can have drastic effects on your rights as a parent leaving you in a situation that your children can be lost or withheld from you forever. One Divorcee once told me, “When I got divorced I didn’t know I had to give up my children too.”Termination of Parental Rights Termination of Parental Rights is the most drastic and in criminal law terms it is like the “death penalty.” In some situations, it may be highly appropriate and in the child’s best interest. In other situations, it may be that the parent is getting railroaded.

When parents split up, obviously children cannot be at both places at the same time. During friendly divorces parents often use a 50-50 visitation schedule or one parent is happy for the other parent to have primary custody – for several reasons. If a termination of parental rights hearing is successful then that parent will no longer be legally the parent of their children. Some parents are in agreement with this, many times as a way to get out of paying child support or they never had a relationship with the child to begin with. Other parents will fight to the death if their parental rights are threatened.

The problem occurs quite frequently that both parents are making allegations that the other parent is impaired and his or hers possession of the children should be limited. The parties get into a “he says, she says” situation. A private investigator can show the court the real truth.

It’s important to gather evidence during a termination of parental rights hearing since certainly the Judge has to base his/her decision on something. In this situation, a private investigator can be a great help to you. Evidence comes in different ways and would be developed according to your particular circumstance. Commonly, it takes looking at all the evidence such as reviewing police reports, CPS reports, medical reports, transcripts, and doing our own legwork to identify inconsistencies between the records or to discredit the other parties false allegations.

Surveillance can be used, and other witnesses and experts can be developed, who will provide evidence to support your case.