Whatever your surveillance needs, as your private investigator we will do our best to capture the images you desire in a legal manner that does not jeopardize our case. As a private investigation agency, we have a variety of cameras, some with telephoto lenses and small video recording devices when the situation requires it.

Pictures can be one of your strongest pieces of evidence in Court. If the lighting is good, we can sometimes get suitable pictures a half a mile away from the target. Having pictures proving that your spouse is cheating can, in the long run, keep you out of court, or save a lot of money later by avoiding a protracted divorce or child custody battle.

Photographic evidence will be provided to you on a DVD or other suitable medium that you can use in court. We can also provide you with surveillance pictures or video to your email account (provided it is safe to do so) so that you can get the results of our investigation as quickly as possible. All surveillance is performed in a way that the target will never know we were there.

Unlike the private investigators you see on TV, tailing somebody properly is more of an art than a science. If the subject individual drives like a maniac it makes tailing the person much more difficult. Tailing somebody in the city is not as easy as it would seem and a tail can be lost despite the best of intentions. The whole idea is for the person not to realize that they are being followed. If are inadvertently “made” by being too aggressive with a tail then our efforts are wasted. In some cases, we would rather give up the tail than to be discovered.

However, most people are rather oblivious of their surroundings and we are usually successful when it comes to tailing someone. For example, when you drove home from work today do you remember what cars were behind you? Can you name even one car in particular?  One rule we go by is to stay out of the view of the targets rear view and side mirrors.

Stationary Surveillance

The licensing board prohibits a private investigator from committing any offense during the course of their investigation. Technically that would even include J-walking. So, if you’re special someone is driving 100 mph, we cannot legally match their speed and hope to keep our investigator’s license.

For those of you who would like to take a crack at doing some armature surveillance, the following will provide you with several Austin video cams located throughout the city, including 6th street. If nothing more, you can at least see what traffic is like before going to work in the morning on several major highways in Austin. I’m not sure if you will be able to identify a cheating spouse but you may enjoy watching 6th street on a busy weekend from the comfort of your own home.

We have had occasions in which we have been able to set up 3-4 cameras pointed at a target’s residence and remotely control and view the cameras through the internet – we have the technology and means to do this. If you have a friend or relative who is a neighbor of the target, this can be an ideal situation and something to consider as a possibility when surveillance is needed, especially when surveillance around the clock is important to the case. With the equipment we have, we can really get close up and personal while maintaining a distance far away from the target of our surveillance.

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