Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

Mental health Issues can be a sole problem or in combination with drug abuse. Personality disorders are common in conflicted divorces, particularly narcissistic personality disorders as compared to other mental health disorders. Sometimes it can be a mental health disorder that solely drives a highly contested family law case.

Not all odd behaviors make a person crazy and it’s important to distinguish between the two. Accusations about one party or the other having a mental illness are common in family law – sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s false or overly exaggerated.

Many times the court upon its own motion will require both parties to undergo a psychological evaluation, especially in highly conflicted child custody cases. Keep in mind that insurance will rarely pay for a court-ordered mental health evaluation and most psychological assessments will cost over a $1000 at a minimum.

As a party to the suit, if you have concerns about the mental health of the other party, you can file a motion to compel a psychological evaluation. However, if you request a psychological of the other party, they are most likely going to file a motion for you to take a psychological too. At the very least, a psychological evaluation should include the MMPI and projective testing.

If in the past you have had mental health issues yourself but are now cured or you are stabilized with few or no symptoms presently then it may benefit you to see a therapist for nothing else but to get a clean bill of health. With a therapist’s recommendation, you can often deflate the other party’s arguments concerning your past mental health issues that may later come up in court.

A private investigator who understands psychiatric medications, mental health services, and treatment and diagnosis can help illuminate the issue. During our investigation, we will document any signs of mental instability by the subject while they are under surveillance.

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