Identifying Sex Offenders

Identifying Sex Offenders Around Your Children

Though not often, but more frequent than what you may think, a spouse may abuse your children sexually or may reside with or date an individual who has a sex offender history. Some of these individuals may have had a sex offense many years ago, whereas others have yet to be identified as a sex offender. The thought that your children may be around a sex offender can be frightening and will undoubtedly keep an innocent parent up at night with worry. Some ex-spouses may also hide the fact that they are seeing a sex offender from the other parent.

What To Do IF Your Children Are Exposed To a Sex Offender

Certainly, if your children are complaining about the sexual behavior of a friend of a parent or the parent themselves, the other parent has an obligation to do what they can to protect their children. The first call should be to Child Protective Services. Hopefully, CPS will do their job and properly investigate the situation. Although, from past experience, they do not always get it right. Despite what CPS may rule, an innocent parent can always file suit in Family Court to protect the children and ask the court to intervene. The court will then evaluate the situation and independently come to a ruling even if it is contrary to what CPS rules. CPS does not have to be the final decision-maker but it is still up to the innocent parent to push the issue in court.

How TLW Guardian Investigations Can Identify Sex Offenders

As a private investigator, it is a rather simple process to determine if someone has a history of a sexual offense. A simple background check (You may be able to do some of this yourself) will bring up that information rather quickly. What is more difficult is identifying the name of a person in the neighborhood or of a distant relative that may occasionally visit the household and knowing to run a background check on that particular person.

Surveillance may be needed to determine when and how often your children may be exposed to a sex offender and if your ex-spouse is intentionally allowing it. If there is a court order in place disallowing an individual who is an alleged sex offender from being around your children, we can document  the court order being broken.

Additionally, performing surveillance on an alleged sex offender is important since many sex offenders have other sexually inappropriate outlets besides abusing children. They may have obsessions with seeing prostitutes, going to swinger bars, excessive viewing of pornography, or having indiscriminate sex with strangers.

How the Court Identifies Sex Offenders in Family Law

For those persons who have a documented sexual offense, say 10 years ago. It makes it much more difficult for the court to decide if they are a present danger to your children now. At the very least, the court will have the person evaluated by a professional who specializes in sexual offenses i.e., a Registered Sex Offender Treatment Provider (RSOTP). Any evaluation should include multiple testing tools (including The Abel) which will give a rating as to how much risk that person poses to children or others. If the alleged sex offender is given a “clean bill of health,” the spouse or paramour to the sex offender will likely be asked by the court to attend chaperon training and the children provided with outcry training.

If an individual has been newly accused of a sexual offense, the court is likely to forbid any contact between the alleged perpetrator and your children, especially if the allegation involves your children. The Court will likely order the same testing protocol as discussed above.

The Court Must Determine if a Sex Offender Allegation is True or Fabricated

Child custody cases involving incidents of sexual abuse, either false or true allegations are extremely time consuming, costly, and worrisome. Some of these cases can take years to go through the family court system. Judges tend to error on the side of caution, although professionals who specialize in sexual abuse cases also know that sexual abuse cases can be fabricated or misrepresented. The highest percentage of fabricated cases are in highly contested divorce and child custody cases.

TLW Guardian Investigations Can Help

TLW Guardian investigations has had experience assisting parents in either situation. If you believe your ex-spouse is a sex offender or is allowing a sex offender to be around your children then please contact us. Likewise, if you are the victim of a fabricated sexual abuse allegation, we will be happy to consult with you about your situation and develop a plan to assist.

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