Guardian ad Litem Appointments

Guardian ad Litem Court Appointments

I continue taking Guardian ad Litem (GAL) court appointments today and I especially find the work rewarding. I must give a warnning, I approach Guardian cases, quite a bit differently than if I worked for an individual as a private investigator.  I have extra abilities as a GAL.

What is a Guardian ad Litem?

For those of you unfamiliar with the term Guardian ad Litem, I can easily explain: The mother has her attorney, the father has his attorney, and the child has me to represent his/her best interest during the family law court process. As a GAL I am also expected to investigate both the mother and father’s claims and report back to the judge as to my findings.

As a Guardian ad Litem, I consider both sides of an argument and do my best to help all the parties involved come to an agreement. I meet with the child’s parents separately during home visits, talk to my client, who is the child, negotiate with the attorneys, and if required at the end of my appointment, make recommendations to the court regarding custody.

I pledge to always do this in an unbiased manner based on evidence and not based on the physical attributes of the parents or which attorney represents them.

My Service Area

I take cases in Travis County, Williamson County and in the Bexar and San Antonio, TX areas.

You or your attorney are welcome to contact me about a potential case. As a Guardian ad Litem, I would also want to consult with the other party’s attorney prior to accepting a case unless appointed directly by the judge.

I would NOT be able to work both as a GAL and as a private investigator since this would be a conflict of interest.

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