Electronic Bug Sweep and Debugging

Electronic Bug Sweep and Debugging

Do you think you have electronic bugs? If you do, you need an electronic bug sweep or debugging by a private investigator who guarantees his work. The majority of eavesdropping devices and cameras work by transmitting a radio frequency to a secondary location. These radio frequencies can be detected by electronic equipment that can pick up the signal, showing the location of the source. We have equipment to find both audio and video electronic bugs. If an electronic bug is found, it could result in a felony against the person who installed it. We will preserve all evidence collected so that the police can properly follow-up with their own investigation of the matter.

We Guarantee Our Work

TLW Guardian Investigations offers a 6 month double your money back guarantee. If an electronic bug is detected within 6 months after we have debugged your location, we will refund double the money you paid for the service. All requests for refunds must be accompanied by a police incident report indicating that an electronic eavesdropping device was found, either audio or video, in the location where services were performed. The report must document the exact location of the device when it was found. We are proud to say that we stand behind our work – we double guarantee it!!!

If you think you have been bugged please give me us a call for a free consultation. Make sure that you call from a safe phone that you do not suspect as being bugged. Additionally, we can provide electronic countermeasures for cell phones and computers, and detect GPS tracking devices on your vehicle.  A sweep of your home, car, or office can be done for as little as $200. Costs are based on the sq feet of the location being surveyed. For those of you who suspect that they are being monitored, It may well be worth the cost of the service for your peace of mind.


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