Divorce Investigations

Divorce Investigations

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We all know this: Divorces are Awful. Using the Homes and Rahe Stress Scale, which rates stressful events by severity, death of a spouse is the most stressful event in a person’s life, followed immediately by divorce. Imprisonment takes the fourth spot. In a divorce, the loss of friends and family, changes in lifestyle and living accommodations, the expense, and perhaps the worst, the potential loss of custody of your children can be devastating. When you throw in the allegations of domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse of a child (either falsely accused or misidentified) or adultery, it can make a bad divorce simply unbearable. When the uninformed hear about someone having a “bad divorce” experience, this is precisely what they are talking about! Divorce can consume your life, and in long drawn out cases, it can actually cause you to become sick. Unfortunately, about 50% of all marriages in America end up in divorce.

Persons who generally do better during a bad divorce or child custody battle are those who are proactive not reactive. Having a private investigator gather evidence can be critical for your case either pre-divorce or during a divorce, or modification of divorce. A private detective In the long run  can save you a great deal of money not to mention your children. For example, in the case of adultery, having photographic or videotape evidence of the offending party can have devastating effects and can be profoundly influential (and we don’t have to prove this by putting a video camera in their bedroom). In a divorce modification, showing that your spouse continues to drink despite a Court Order prohibiting it and then driving drunk with the kids in the car (which is a felony in Texas if children are present) can put you in the right direction for asking the Judge for custody.

It is not uncommon for Judges to award unequal property settlements during a divorce. That might mean the house, attorney fees, as well as the children to the unoffending party. Waiting too long or to the last minute to move your case along is another critical mistake. In complex child custody cases, evidence is gathered by a private investigator from a variety of sources that takes time and expertise to obtain and gather. If you believe a private investigator is needed the earlier he or she begins the better. Once evidence is lost it is usually lost forever.

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