Consultation and Referral

Consultation and Referral Services

I’m happy to provide case consultation and referrals to you and your attorney. To be effective, case consultation is an important core service we offer clients  throughout an investigation.

For new clients inquiring about services, I’m happy to consult and/or give you referrals concerning your family law case at no charge and all conversations are confidential. If you have a cheating spouse situation you can certainly bounce your ideas or questions off me and I will give you my best opinion. There is never a high pressured sales pitch and you are under no obligation to buy anything from us. An initial consultation is simply us talking about your situation, and when possible, I will give you some suggestions – not only how we can help you but things you can do yourself.

We Know Family Law and How the System Works

Over the years, we have developed a wealth of information as to how different agencies work in conjunction with one another. For example, how CPS integrates its services with doctors or mental health professionals to arrive at their opinion. Then how a judge or Guardian ad Litem might incorporate CPS’s results in their decision-making to come up with an ultimate ruling. The ability to forecast a potential outcome especially in divorce and child custody cases can allow you to make adjustments to maximize the results in your favor.

On the other side of the coin, it is very important that you do nothing that will harm your case. We often see clients become overzealous with their need to dominate a given situation and end up making a situation worse.The following article may give you some additional insight on how to help your private investigator. Not only do we give you advice on how not to harm your case but we too make every effort to assure that we do nothing that will harm your case either. We find that a slow methodical approach works best in most situations.

As we go through a case, we will often consult with you as to how to best approach a given situation. It is very likely that we have had similar situations with other clients, allowing us to advise you according to our experience. As a word of note, if ever our advice conflicts with your attorney’s advice, you should always defer to your attorney’s opinion. In fact, we always suggest that you run our suggestions by your attorney since the attorney may have a larger picture in mind and we certainly do not want to interfere with his strategy.

Case Consultations Include a Multi-Perspective Approach

Many people feel reassurance that I can give them a perspective from both, a Guardian’s ad Litem and from a private investigator’s point of view. Many times I’m asked to “brainstorm” a particular case with you and your attorney present. My experience of going through at least a 1,000 bad divorces and child custody cases can provide you and your attorney a unique perspective and an added advantage to your family law case. I am also available to consult with you and your attorney in person at his office or speak to you or with your attorney by phone.

Referrals to Attorneys and other Family Law Professionals

Additionally, I’m happy to give you referrals to other family law professionals or agencies that can help you with a particular situation. In most cases, I know these professionals personally and can reassure you that their credentials are beyond reproach. If you do not presently have an attorney, I can give you  referrals to good attorneys I know personally according to your price range. Many of these attorneys, I have known for years and I know they will treat you well. If your (ex)spouse is using a certain attorney, I can often provide you with suggestions and insights as to how to best deal with that particular attorney.

If you would like a consultation or referral, it’s easy – all you have to do is give us a call.

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