Child Custody

Child Custody

TLW Guardian Investigations, your private Investigator in Austin and San Antonio, will help you win child custody by getting the  information you seek in a professional and legal matter that will stand up in court.

We realize that nothing is more precious than your children. Knowing that there is a court order forbidding your spouse from drinking or using drugs while in the presence of the kids and he or she continues to do it is tremendously upsetting, especially when you can’t prove it. Drinking while driving with the children in the car is not only unforgivable but is a felony in Texas to do so.  It is amazing that individuals will totally disregard court orders when they think nobody is watching. It is then is up to the responsible parent to protect their children and file a child custody suit in court. CPS would also likely consider drinking and driving with a child in the car as child neglect – essentially child abuse.

Our  private investigators have had many cases of ex-spouses sneaking their paramour into households at night exposing the children to this individual despite a child custody court order forbidding it. We all know, including the judges, that exposing children to a new relationship soon after a separation or divorce is psychologically damaging to children and is why court orders are often written to prevent it.

Having evidence that your  spouse is breaking a court order or is just using plain bad judgement can often turn a losing case into a winning case. What is sad is that the police will do nothing about these issues and it takes a skilled private investigator who knows child custody to bring forth this information. Judges realize this and they know that your only option is to hire a private detective, which from the court’s point of view is fair game.

Many times a private investigator can save you a substantial amount of money on the back end of a divorce or child custody case, especially during highly conflicted cases.Our private investigators will stop the he said, she said argument by providing compelling evidence that the court cannot ignore, allowing you to reduce the amount of time spent in court or forcing the other party to quickly settle in your favor.

Additionally, TLW Guardian Investigations pledges to keep your child safe. If we observe any unsafe acts while the other party has possession of your children we will immediately bring this to you and your attorney’s attention and will be happy to testify in child custody court. In extreme cases we may inform the police (anonymously) , such as a parent driving drunk with your children in the car.

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