Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse

Husband thinks wife is a cheating spouse

If you think you have a cheating spouse, then likely your suspicions are correct. Hiring an investigator can either put your cheating husband or cheating wife worries at ease or in the event he or she is cheating, you can make decisions on how to get on with your life or make other plans. Many times you may just want to know the truth – either way.

Occasionally, we get calls to investigate a fiancee to assess if a potential husband or wife is cheating before they get married. This of course can give the person the reassurance they are looking for, or to validate their suspicions. This kind of information can be priceless, saving the individual from a doomed marriage from the start or being embroiled in a nasty child custody battle a few years later.

How to Tell If Your Spouse is Cheating

Some people seem to have a 6th sense telling them that their wife or husband is cheating. Because you know your wife or husband so well, you tend to pick up little changes in their behavior. Their grooming suddenly picks up or they are staying a little later at work. You might see them texting at odd hours of the night or taking phone calls in another room. They may be very possessive of their cell phone or recently put a password on their phone. A very big give away, is for a spouse to have a second cell phone that he or she keeps hidden.

One universal trait of a cheating husband or cheating wife is that they lie. Some individuals lie better than others but they all do! Let’s face it, if your spouse can rationalize having an affair they can certainly rationalize telling you a lie about it. Some people are better at picking up lies or may still suspect but are in denial that their husband or wife would do such a thing.  For additional information read the following post, “Catch that Cheating Spouse.”

What is the Definition of Adultery

If divorce of a cheating spouse is a consideration, especially if it turns into a child custody case, proof of adultery is highly significant. Legally, one shows evidence of adultery if there is an (1) indication of more than a friendship (i.e.,hugging and kissing) and (2) there is an opportunity for the couple to act on their feelings for one another (i.e., they spend the night together). If you can show both (1) and (2), the judge can put the rest together and may rule that adultery occurred. Thus, we don’t actually have to catch them in the act or put a camera in their bedroom for court purposes. Our main goal is to show prongs (1) and (2) and tie it up in a nice package so that the evidence is indisputable.

How We Work a Cheating Spouse Case

When we do our work the cheating spouse will never know that they are under surveillance. Under no circumstances will our investigators disclose that we are working on a cheating spouse case, even if the police should stop us and question what we may be doing. We totally understand how delicate of a situation this could possible put you in and your privacy will always come first.

Many times we can get suitable pictures of cheating spouses from a half a block or a block away with telephoto digital cameras. We will also attempt to document the event by video depending on the circumstances. After each outing our case manger will inform you of what we found and will send you pictures and a report if we were successful. We will also attempt to follow a cheating spouse. If our work takes us indoors, our Austin private investigators are equipped with special spy cameras so we can get the evidence you need.

How This Works in Court

As your Austin private investigator, we are happy to come to court and “prove up” our cheating spouse pictures and evidence. You will find that our private detectives are quite comfortable in court and present very well in front of a judge or jury. We realize that going to court is just part of the job of being a private eye. However, with the evidence we gather, it is not uncommon for a cheating spouse case to settle out of court which saves you time and money and gets you a better result. Many of our cases settle during mediation since nobody really wants to go to court to air their dirty laundry. About the last thing a cheating spouse would want is to involve their paramour in the court process. In any event, it allows you to be on the offensive as opposed to being on the defensive which is not a good place to be in family law.  If they should opt to go to court, your attorney can make them wish they hadn’t.

Keeping  Your Children Safe From a Cheating Spouse’s Paramour

If children are involved, it is possible that a stipulation or an injunction be placed in the court orders to disallow contact between your spouse’s paramour and the children, especially in the Temporary Orders phase. Any family law professional knows, including judges, therapists, and attorneys, that exposing children to a paramour has an awful psychological effect on the child. If during our investigation we should see this occur, we will document this since this is critical evidence needed to keep your children out of harm’s way and for the judge to review during child custody cases. Additionally, we will do a background check on a paramour to determine if he or she has a criminal history or shady past which will also be important in keeping your children safe and for other issues related to court.

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