Background Checks

Background Checks

As  private investigators,we provide background checks along with extensive Internet checks with databases not available to the general public. In fact, we use two different databases which are both considered leaders in the background check industry. Often times what one database won’t catch the other database will.

For those of you who decide to come into services with us, we provide 2 free comprehensive background checks if you purchase 15 hours of investigative services. That’s a significant savings to you.

Our background checks can also be purchased independently as well. A comprehensive background check is quite extensive and will provide you with a wealth of information. Many times these reports will be 30 or more pages in length.

A typical comprehensive background check will include phone numbers and addresses (both present and past – along with Aliases), email addresses, a criminal background check, current and past warrants, assets, history of liens and judgments, possible places of employment, driver’s license info (including tickets), possible vehicles they own or are associated with their address, sex offender check, voter’s registration info (sometimes an excellent place to find an address), eviction records, bankruptcies (the year and amount), handgun permits, list of possible associates and their addresses and phone numbers, list of relatives and their addresses and phone numbers (i.e.: we can find their mother’s and father’s phone number and address), and past and present roommate information. We provide checks on two different databases to maximize our results. Additionally, we perform a social site search, concentrating on Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and G+. We also check local databases for recent warrants and court docket information which might not show up on the initial background check due to an offense being so new that the database has not had time to update. If we find a lead during our search, we will follow that lead till conclusion.

We can also find very specific information for you. If you need a reverse cell phone look-up we have a running special price of $12 per look-up. You don’t have to pay us ahead of time and if we don’t get the name or address of the person’s cell phone number you seek, the look-up is free of charge. You can either call us with this request or email us the cell phone number you seek. It’s that easy!

We can provide reverse license plate number look-ups. This may be very valuable if you believe you are being followed, or in the case of a cheating spouse, we can identify who your spouse may be associating with.

If you are looking to find somebody, an old friend, or a witness needed for your case, likely we can find them, even if all you have is their name. Your chances of finding someone by name only significantly goes up according to how uncommon their name. If they have a common name such as “Joe Brown”, we will need a date of birth or a Social Security number to determine if we have the correct Joe Brown. Sometimes we can cross-reference a person’s name to a known address. If you know the person’s mother’s name, we can often find the individual that way.

During child custody cases, we recommend that you do a background check on any roommate or paramour your ex-spouse may be associated with. When we perform a background check, we are often surprised by what we find even if you think they have a clean record. We also suggest that you do a background check on your ex-spouse’s paramour’s family – especially their mother and father if they are expected to be around your children. On several occasions we have identified a sex offender in the family as part of a “family secret.” Showing that a family member has a history of child abuse will have a significant impact in court and keeps your children safe as well.

If you are involved with Child Protective Services (CPS) in some way, don’t expect that CPS will do a proper background check on the persons they say they are investigating or persons they are considering for placement of a child. Sometimes they will, sometimes they don’t but in either case it is unlikely that they will provide you with any information concerning their findings. Always do your own background check to make sure they are doing their job.

Another service we provide which can be quite beneficial to you are “Calls of Service” by the police or sheriff’s departments. Through the Freedom of Information act, we can obtain a history of when the police were called to a specific address and for what reason. From our experience, each city and county have different policies with regard to releasing this information. The Austin Police Department is rather formal in their requirements, whereas, counties outside of Austin seem to be more relaxed. Some counties will actually release this information over the phone to a licensed private investigator. This information may be invaluable to you during a child custody case and may allow your attorney to follow-up with subpoenas to obtain more restrictive records.

Free Background Checks You Can Do Yourself

If you need a Calls of Service record, feel free to be your own private investigator and try it yourself through the Freedom of Information Act or if it seems too complex or you get stuck then give us a call. The Austin Police Department has their own form that they require you to use which they will give you at the desk at the main police station on 4th Street.

You can also get an Austin Police Incident Report (the civilian version) online. If you have the case number you can get the specific report – without a case number the reports are limited to a general geographic area. If you need the full version of a police incident report which is particularly helpful during child custody hearings, have your attorney subpoena the official business record.

If you need to see if there is a warrant out for an individual in Austin, try doing your own online Warrant Check.

If you want to see if someone is in jail in Travis County try doing a Travis County Jail check. The Travis County jail check can give you quite a bit of information including which jail they are in, their bond, and offense.

For inmates located in a Texas prison try an offender search. This search will provide the inmate’s location, their offense, and their projected date of release.

To do a background check for a possible sex offender, try the Texas Public Sex Offender Registry Background Check. This search will provide the offender’s location, offense, and a picture of the individual.

For an Austin Municipal Court Public Inquiry – try a Docket Calendar Search for offenses on the court calendar. These offenses are usually small city misdemeanors and traffic offenses.

For most of our searches there is no cost to you if we are unable to locate your information. Feel free to discuss your situation with us.  All it takes is a simple call to start the process and there is never a charge for a case consultation.

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