Practice Areas

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Practice areas

Divorce Investigations

We specialize in difficult, highly conflicted divorces.

Child Custody

The right evidence can bust an entrenched child custody case wide open.

Cheating Spouses

The heartbreak of a Cheating Spouse – we will do our best to help.

Parental Alienation

A very real syndrome, Parental Alienation can destroy your relationship with your child.

Compliance with Court Orders

People are sneaky and ignore court orders  when they think nobody is watching.

Background Checks

He or she could be an ax murderer – you won’t know unless you look.


When we do surveillance, they will never know we were there.

CPS Issues

Sometimes CPS gets it right, sometimes they get it wrong.

Electronic Bug Sweep and Debugging

Make sure your private information remains that way.

Child Abuse

Child abuse Accusations, either true or false, can destroy your family and cost thousands.

Identifying Sex Offenders

What to do if your ex-spouse with your children hooks up with a suspected sex offender or professional criminal.

Drugs and Alcohol Issues

We have caught neglectful parents driving drunk with kids in the car.

Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of parental rights is equivalent to the death penalty in criminal law.

Mental Health Issues

Many time protracted child custody battles are the result of one party or both having a mental illness.

This clever way to obtain evidence can help you discover the truth...

Trash Pulls

This clever way to obtain evidence can help you find the truth.

Witness Interviews

Attaining witness interviews – a consideration toward the end of a case

Guardian ad Litem Appointments

I’ve been protecting children for the last 15 years and still taking Guardian ad Litem appointments.

Consultation and Referral

Initial Phone consultations are free with no hard sales pitch.

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