Court Order Violations – A Private Investigator Can Help

Court Order Violations – A Private Investigator Can Help

Private investigators are particularly good at discovering court order violations. Commonly the court upon its own motion or upon the other party’s motion may put into place an order forbidding any of the below activities – but it’s usually not automatic and often you have to show evidence that it is warranted.

If you can catch the other party engaging in these behaviors it can give you a significant advantage in court, not to mention that stopping these court order violations are in the best interest of your children. Filing for enforcement commonly referred to as Contempt of Court is often used as a remedy. Additionally, the court may award the innocent party attorney fees for having to bring the action. Persons who are found in contempt of court can be jailed, fined, or have their possession of the children limited.

Drinking with the Children Present

Drinking 12 hours before or during possession of the children. Our private investigators have caught parties violating this order at the pool, at restaurants, and even in their front yard. Persons who the court believes to have an alcohol problem (or drug problem) can be mandated to comply with an alcohol assessment or attend alcohol treatment.

Drinking and Driving with the Children in the Car

A court order is usually not entered for this kind of event since it is already against the law to engage in this behavior. Our private investigators are often asked to look for this and have caught parents engaging in this behavior. Parties who are found to engage in such activities will likely have their possession with the children severely limited. Persons who drive drunk with children under the age of 13 years old are committing a felony and this will have a devastating effect regarding further possession of the children. It will also likely spawn a Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation.

Using Drugs Particularly with the Children Present

Although society has grown more liberal when it comes to marijuana, it is still against the law in Texas. Austin – Travis County judges may be a little more understanding (It depends on the particular judge hearing the case) when it comes to marijuana use but only to a rather limited point. None of the judges will condone marijuana use around the children nor hard drug use. If drug abuse is thought to be a problem, be prepared to comply with court-ordered drug testing. A private investigator can also help you discover the truth especially when the other party is unusually sneaky.

Overnight Guests of the Opposite Sex

It’s very confusing for young children who are no longer living with both parents to have a new person in the household. Older children will often become resentful. Judges realize that this is harmful to children and in extreme cases could be considered psychological abuse. Second to drinking and drug use, this is the most common request that a private investigator is asked to monitor.

Living with a Sex Offender

When discovered, the court will likely order that the children cannot be in the company of a registered sex offender until the situation is investigated thoroughly by a court-appointed investigator. Some parents will either try to hide the fact or sneak the sex offender in at night while the children are sleeping. Exposing your children to a sex offender (Or failing to notify Child Protective Services of a neglectful parent’s actions) is pretty much a guarantee of having Child Protective Services in your life for a long time. Our private investigators have found persons hiding their car a block away from the house in order to sneak in.

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