How to Guard Against Being Investigated

How to Guard Against Being Investigated


If you are currently involved in a child custody dispute and you believe you are being followed, first make sure
that the person suspected of being a private detective is, in fact, a licensed investigator and is not your spouse illegally stalking you. If you suspect a person is acting as an unlicensed PI report them here:  Private Security Bureau in Austin, Texas. The Texas State agency that regulates and licenses private investigators. If you believe the individual following you might be a Private Investigator, you can determine if he or she is licensed by checking out the Private Security Bureau database here, List of Licensed Texas Private investigators detectives. (You can also use this link to verify that TLW Guardian Investigations is licensed by the State of Texas). If you can obtain the license plate number of the person following you, it is likely that the person can be identified though a database search, and his status as a private investigator can be checked. If the license plate number is not listed in the database we can usually obtain these records by personally walking it through the DMV in Austin.  Please call and we can do that for you. During divorce and child custody suits, never discount the possibility that the other party will hire a private investigator. It is a fair



practice and the judges know that some evidence cannot be gotten in any other way. The rule of thumb, especially during contentious child custody battles, is to behave in public as if your actions would be seen in the Sunday edition of the Austin American-Statesman. Don’t advertise questionable behavior and watch what you say on Facebook and other social networks. It is amazing what people write or post to some social networks, and they give pictures too – very helpful to someone investigating you. Be vigilant of your surroundings both at home and while out in public. Take notice of unfamiliar cars or vans parked near your house. An experienced private detective with a good camera can get a picture a ½ a mile away. If you think you are being followed, make a U-turn and see if the suspicious car follows you. Keep track of your garbage – private investigators love to go through garbage, commonly called a trash pull, and this can be quite effective and legal. The Austin Police detectives are known to use this method and when we do it we find this method to be extremely effective – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Once you leave your garbage at the curb you no longer claim ownership of it and anybody can take it. At that point, it becomes public property. Fair warning – don’t be surprised if some of your “garbage” finds its way to court. If you are married and your spouse has part ownership of the vehicle you drive, a GPS tracker can legally be placed on your car (actually, it is both party’s car according to community property laws) and your movements tracked in real time. This can be devastating to a cheating spouse, or for an unfit parent to be located at a bar just prior to picking up the children from school. If your children have cell phones, check the cell phone for GPS tracking apps. Many carriers have family locate plans which can be used to locate the owner. It would be illegal for an investigator to bug your house with audio devices as part of a child custody battle but in some circumstances, video cameras can be used. Also, it would be illegal to tap your phone, intercept your emails, or break computer passwords unless a subpoena is issued or the private eye has the owner’s permission – from the one who actually wrote the emails. An attorney can often sequester computers during a child custody battle when questionable materials are thought to be on a spouse’s computer. Keep in mind that most deleted files can still be recovered. It takes military quality software to completely clean a hard drive – the other alternative is to throw your hard drive in Lake Travis or run it through a microwave oven. Do not allow computer repairmen to search computers for the purposes of gathering evidence. It is illegal because you must be a licensed private investigator to do so and their techniques are not forensically sound. However, if the repairman were to come across evidence of child pornography while fixing the computer, they are mandated to contact the police. The process of forensically checking a computer starts with the computer being sequestered, sometimes at the courthouse, but most of the time at one of the attorney’s office. A private investigator starts by taking a mirror image of the hard drive, essentially keeping a 2nd exact copy, while preserving the original for court purposes. Google keeps a record of all your emails unless you physically delete them – a prime place to look for information, although this still takes a subpoena because we are dealing with a third party communication. Cell phones can also have their deleted files recovered; it too takes a subpoena if text messages are sought. However, obtaining phone numbers located in a cell phone does not trigger the rules pertaining to the interception of a communication by a 3rd party, which would be illegal. dirty.

If you have never talked to a private eye, TLW Guardian Investigations is located in  Austin and San Antonio, Tx – we make it a simple process. Simply call and we will be happy to talk with you about your child custody situation – we are always willing to give free advice. The conversation is confidential and free with no high-pressure sales pitch. After you decide to enlist services with TLW Guardian Investigations, I will have our Program Manager contact you and get all the important details and act as a kind of concierge to address your needs. Afterward, an investigator will be assigned to your case. Many times we can get started within a day if the case is located in Austin, “Let us Help You Find the Missing Pieces.”

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