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Helpful Private investigator and Domestic Relations Links


Private Security Bureau

The PSB is a branch of the Texas Department of Public Safety and regulates private investigators, security officers, and ancillary services. You can check this site to determine if your private investigator is legal and legit. Also, information on requirements necessary to become a private investigator can be found there.

Domestic Relations Office in Austin

Commonly referred to as DRO, this is a county office providing services for child support enforcement, visitation and access, and the home of the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) program.  The Guardian ad Litem program department head is Mark Ashworth for those of you who want to talk to the boss.

Texas Child Support Calculator

Calculate your child support obligation.

TDCJ Inmate Search

Search to locate an inmate located in a TDCJ prison. A different search will be needed to locate an inmate in a county or city jail.

Texas Department of Family and Regulatory Services (CPS)

This is the agency that investigates child abuse and neglect.

Video Visits with Travis County Inmates

Now you can visit an inmate in Travis County by video – offered 7 days a week. Here is how.

State of Texas Family Law Code

Read the law concerning marriage, parent-child relationships, divorce, and much more.

Children’s Bill of Rights

Divorcee takes up boating.

This is a great article for protecting children who are going through a divorce between warring parents. Travis County family court also makes the Children’s Bill of Rights a part of their standing orders for parents going through child custody litigation.

Liability of One Spouse for Private Investigator Fees Incurred by the Other Spouse During Divorce or Child Custody Proceedings

I’ve seen it happen in Texas courts. If you employed a private investigator in a divorce or during child custody litigation, the court may order the other party/spouse to pay reasonable fees associated with the investigation.