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TLW Guardian Investigations Can Help Attorneys Win at Family Law

We’ve done it Before

If you are an Austin or San Antonio attorney, you may already be familiar with TLW Guardian Investigations, a Private investigator firm located in Austin Texas. We’ve helped some of the top family law attorneys in Austin and San Antonio win cases. Our specialty is family law especially, conflicted divorce, child custody, cheating spouses and child abuse cases. Whether it’s because of a trash pull where we found drugs that compelled the judge to order an on-the-spot drug test or whether it is catching a drunken mother with mental health issues driving with her child, TLW Guardian Investigations can and will get the evidence that helps attorneys win cases.

Conflicted Cases Are Our Specialty

If you’re not familiar with working with an Austin or San Antonio private investigator, we would like to show you what we can do. We begin with a complete background and internet check, then onward to different databases for current criminal activities that may not have shown up yet on a traditional background check due to lag time. Additionally, we search for new and current warrants, placement on criminal and civil dockets, and review social media, such as Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and more. We run phone numbers and emails to check for activity on undesirable websites and have found postings in the past on polygamy and pornography websites. We can often determine alternative lifestyles, questionable associates, shady businesses dealings, drinking and drugging habits, and even dubious real-life activities from our digital digging.

Once we have a clear picture of the subject, we consult with the attorney and the client on the best course of action. Many times our investigators will blend surveillance with trash pulls to discover drugs, evidence of cheating, or other undesirable behavior. We have the means to set cameras to catch illicit activity and put real time GPS tracking units on vehicles (as long as the client has ownership of the vehicle and provides consent). Our investigators love catching spouses breaking court orders and assisting attorneys with enforcement actions in court.

We have a Team of Investigators Especially Trained in Family Law and We Love Catching Persons Violating Court Orders

Our team of professionals have more than 40 years of experience between them and are top notch photographers and video surveillance experts. Our private investigators know how to get the evidence to help attorneys win conflicted divorces, child custody, cheating spouse cases and child abuse cases. We know family law and issues surrounding conflict such as parental alienation issues and how CPS works.

Occasionally, we use two investigators during a difficult surveillance or when tailing a suspect closely is required. We have followed people on foot, on motorcycles, by car and even on bicycles. We have both male and female private detectives who all carry the “detective gene.”  Whether it’s in Austin or Central Texas, TLW Guardian Investigations is your resource to discover the truth.

We Feel at Home in Court

Testifying is one of our favorite parts of our business – it’s where we can really make a difference. Our investigators have taken the stand countless times and have good relationships with the judges and other court officials in Williamson, Hays and Travis counties. Unlike some private investigators, our private eyes are not afraid to go to court.

The owner of TLW Guardian Investigations, Tom Ware, is a licensed private investigator, has a Masters in Counseling, and is an experienced Guardian ad Litem of 13 years – both working for the Travis County Domestic Relations Office and in private practice in Austin. He has been to court countless times and knows what it takes to present well in the Family Law arena.

Let us Help you!

We encourage attorneys to give us a try. TLW Guardian Investigations will work hard to bring you the evidence your client says is there but can’t prove, – our expert testimony may make all the difference in your case and you may find that many of your cases will settle out of court because our evidence can be devastating making it impossible for the other party to recover. Let us be on your side and help you discover the truth.

Let us help you find the missing piece.