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TLW Guardian Investigations

TLW Guardian Investigations is located in Austin and San Antonio, Tx and founded by Tom L.Ware, a family law court officer representing children during highly conflicted child custody and divorce cases. This unique experience allows Mr. Ware to know the players involved and how the family law court system works from the inside out and not the outside in like most private investigators.


This unique experience can give you the edge to win your family law case.

Our mission statement:

  • Earn our clients’ trust and respect
  • To minimize costs and expenses for our clients
  • To obtain evidence in the most efficient way possible

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We stand by our commitments:

Earning Your Trust and Respect

You can count on us being in your corner during the worst family law conflict. Hire us knowing that we have the expertise to navigate the nuances surrounding divorce, child custody and cheating spouses cases because we know family law from an insider’s point of view. We understand the system and know many of the players. We are glad to share with you our 17 years of family law experience.

Minimizing Costs and Expenses

We realize that anything related to law is expensive including our own services. We keep accounting simple. We normally don’t charge for gas mileage nor do we find ways to nickle and dime you. We charge hourly and we taylor our investigation to fit your budget.

Obtaining Evidence in the Most Efficient Way Possible

We strive to obtain the evidence you need  that will have the most impact in your family law case. We know what evidence to look for and how to present it in court. We prefer to conduct our investigation over time to maximize the potential to capture evidence and to show a continuing pattern of behavior.

frequently asked questions

The most popular questions

Q: This is my first time to hire a private investigator – what should I expect?

A: It’s real easy. Just give us a call and we will discuss your case with you at no charge. You are under no obligation to buy services and you just might leave the conversation being better informed. Allow me to give you my 2 cents from the viewpoint of a private investigator and 17 years of Guardian ad Litem experience.


Q: How is TLW Guardian Investigations different than other PI companies?

A: We are a private investigation company that specializes in family law, namely cheating spouses, child custody, and domestic relations cases. We know family law from the inside out – Mr. Ware has personally been involved  in over a 1000 divorces both as a Guardian ad Litem and as a private investigator. He also knows many of the family law attorneys, the judges, and how the system works.

Q: What does Texas require for a private investigation firm to operate?

A: TLW Guardian Investigations is in fully licensed and we carry liability insurance as required by the State of Texas.

Q; Is what I tell you confidential?

A: The short answer is yes – we will never disclose information about you by our own volition. However, there are some ways an attorney might be able to get at information by use of a subpoena. If you are concern about confidentiality, then have your attorney call us and we can be protected under the attorney’s work product.

Q; How long does an investigation take?

A: An average case takes about 15 hrs – sometimes shorter and sometimes longer. Generally, 15 hrs is a good start with us. We do our best not to waste your time by sitting at an unproductive spot. If nothing is going on, we will come back at another time on a different day.

Can you help me find a good family law attorney?

A: I can give you recommendations for a good family law attorney while keeping in mind your budget. I can also recommend good child therapists who are willing to take family law cases.

Q: Are you willing to come to court and testify for me?

A: Yes, we will! Part of being a good private investigator is going to court to prove up our evidence. While shopping, run, don’t walk, if you find an investigator who is unwilling to go to court – It’s part of the job.

Q: Are you willing to travel if my case needs it?

A: Yes, we are willing to travel as needed in Central Texas and beyond. Our service areas include Austin and San Antonio, Texas and all the spaces in between. While inside Travis County, we do not charge for gas mileage like many other private investigators do. This is a substantial saving to our customers

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